Get more work......

Currently, any one of the parties has a veto over your initial or continued appointment. Your pay-cheque hangs on that single thread. 

No more!

Now, for the first time, you will be able to take instructions from one only of the disputing parties and provide your services by using An Olive Branch.

And the potential work is infinite.....

Take your private practice online by becoming An Olive Branch Member.

No longer limit your sources of work to a pool of potential clients within reasonable geographic proximity. The internet provides infinite clients to practitioners who wish to provide their services online by becoming An Olive Branch Member.

Right now, Mediation or Conciliation involves one ADR practitioner.

Through An Olive Branch you have:

  • up to three
  • each of the three stages has its own separate practitioner
  • giving you three opportunities to get work in any one dispute
  • with notifications to your device that work awaits.