Complaints • Claims • Conflict

Intercept • Contain • Resolve


Stopping Complaints Becoming Claims • Low Cost • Dispute Resolution • Online or Offline • Privacy of Home or Office • Friendly & Constructive • No Face-to-Face Confrontation • No Stress • Easy • Secure • Quick • Legally Protected Communications • Stave Off Or Settle A Lawsuit Or Complaint • Within or Against Your Organisation • Repair Your Internal and External Stakeholder Relations



Efficiency – Low Capped Cost • Resolve In-House • Slash HR Workload

Comply – With Insurance & Employment Law Obligations

Protect – Stakeholder & Staff Relations • Complaints From Becoming Claims • Against Admitting Liability

Reduce – Internal & External Claims, Costs & Payouts • Customer & Staff Turnover Or Attrition

Restore – Customer And Staff Relations & Morale

Save – Money • Customers • Key Staff • Time • Stress

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Low Cost • Easy • Secure • Quick • Effective

Friendly • Personalised

Fix Relations

Business or Personal

Want to 'Break The Ice' • 'Nip Issues In The Bud'

Absolutely Private & Confidential

Online or Offline • No Confrontation or Face-to-Face

In Stress-Free Environment of Home or Office

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More Clients & Work

No More Veto (bilateral agreement not required)

Expand Practice Instantly

Get Clients Beyond Physical Accessibility

Provide Dispute Resolution Services Online & Offline

Asynchronous Text-Based Process

Instant Practice Management System (no installation required)

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Works With You, Not Instead Of You

Assist Or Be The Online Mediator For Mandatory & Voluntary Cases

Provide A New, Friendly & Constructive Dispute Resolution Service

Fast, Simple, Inexpensive, Finite Process

Entirely Without Prejudice

Protect You & Your Client

Prior To, Concurrently, Or Consecutively With Any Other Process or Lawsuit

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To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead
— Thomas Paine

If you want to fix a business or personal relationship, our dispute resolution experts in AnOliveBranch.com
are ready and waiting to help you restore reason to your communications with them.