Engage With Customers & Staff

Stop staff conflict or customer complaints becoming claims against your organisation. An Olive Branch provides businesses with a secure and legally protected environment:

  • to engage with customer/stakeholder issues and complaints
  • to intercept, contain and resolve those complaints and claims in-house as early and cost-effectively as possible
  • for employees to engage with each other and resolve their own workplace differences confidentially between themselves.

Savings & Efficiencies

Low Capped Cost • Short Easy Dispute Resolution Process •  Kept In-house • Avoid Involvement of HR, Unions, Investigators, Adjudicators, Legal System. 


Comply with your insurance and legal obligations by adding a further layer of compliance with Employment Law & Regulations when using An Olive Branch.


  • Your business bottom-line - An Olive Branch pricing is structured to be part of the normal work practices, procedures and running costs of complaints/claims and HR departments, in contrast to the aggravating ad hoc costs of legal or formal consultant-led dispute resolution processes 
  • Your money - cut or eliminate compensation costs and payouts by resolving disputes quickly (before or during the lawsuit or other formal claims process)
  • Your customer/stakeholder relations & reputation - through early engagement and helpful resolution of their issues and complaints
  • Your staff relations - they can repair and maintain their own workplace relations without Management involvement
  • Your resources - shield yourself from avoidable liability that arises from badly managed, or inadequate involvement and intervention, in conflict, grievances, complaints or claims
  • Your privacy - by facilitating all dealings between stakeholders to be completely confidential & off the record
  • Your customer/stakeholder & staff retention - An Olive Branch contributes to helping improve relations between the participants as part of the resolution process itself
  • Your legal exposure - facilitating timely, open and frank discussions and concessions, but without them being deemed legally enforceable acceptances of liability

In the examples above, you will not find one single reason not to try An Olive Branch!