An Olive Branch works with you, not instead of you!

As a Lawyer, you are a dispute resolution expert, and your clients benefit greatly from your advice, help and guidance. Instead of you being displaced by ADR, by using An Olive Branch:

• you too can be a welcome and valuable participant in a Mediation process - you can continue to assist your
  client in an online Mediation, and you can be the expert Neutral yourself in any case not involving your own         clients

• you can now provide a new, friendly and constructive dispute resolution service in addition to the adversarial or
  other systems in which you provide your legal representative services

• being entirely Without Prejudice, it is like any Mediation or Conciliation process

• for cases where it is mandatory to refer to Mediation or another form of ADR, using An Olive Branch fully
  satisfies this obligation. 

• in all other types of conflict, disputes and lawsuits, it can be used as an ideal intervention prior to, concurrently
  or consecutively thereto.   

Try it! If it works to find a resolution, your job is done, case over and you get paid. If it doesn’t, simply continue assisting your client in your normal way. 

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