Do you answer 'Yes' to many or all of these questions:

  • I want to explore solutions freely without the risk of being seen to admit or agree to anything legally 
  • I want to only engage in a process that aims to, and is seen by the other to, protect each of us and our relationship equally as its primary purpose
  • I want to have the benefit of professional help without engaging a professional
  • I want to find a way to effectively mediate our issues that surmounts any obstacles that are preventing us from engaging in face to face Mediation
  • I want to have the option of getting the benefit of an objective opinion of an independent, anonymous, outside dispute resolution expert on what's best for everyone, not just for one of us
  • I want us to be able to work together afterward
  • I want to remove the stress this is causing me
  • I want all of this quickly, simply, cheaply and now.
  • I want to fix things with someone whose ongoing relationship with me is important to maintain (for me/others), personally or in business
  • I want to 'break the ice' or re-open fresh communications with them directly
  • I want to reach a truce or ceasefire in any existing lawsuit or other process so that we can each retake control of our own situation
  • I want to be seen by the other person as respecting our relationship, regardless of our current issues 
  • I want to keep everything private and confidential just between us (e.g. even from our employer or family)
  • I want to fix things ourselves without the knowledge, involvement or assistance of another, (e.g. our employer, or engaging in a formal Mediation session)
  • I want to be in the comfort and privacy of my own home when I do this alone or with help of my choosing

Yes? Then you need to use An Olive Branch!